Inceptu brings the extensive background of experience and skills of Robert Rath together with a network of strategic business partners in diverse but synergistic areas. These partnerships include industrial design, manufacturing, legal, education, off-shore resources, distribution, marketing and finance. Together they form a creative, holistic and powerful resource base for Inceptu.

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Robert Rath

management & leadership

business development & marketing

engineering & technical

Robert began his career as a dedicated technical practitioner in product design and development. He has extensive experience in both high and low level software development environments for embedded devices such as Zilog, Intel, Motorola, NEC, Hitachi and Atmel. A committed champion of formalised product development processes such as Stage Gate, QFD and Design For Manufacture, Robert has a proven track record of taking raw ideas through to commercially successful products. As an adjunct to engineering, Robert has extensive experience in the development and management of the corporate IT environment. Key areas being Windows NT/2000/XP and Lotus Domino Server/Client.

Robert's experience in business development and marketing was gained through the creation of a new range of products which was to change an OEM manufacturer into a supplier of branded products for the export air-conditioning market. Able to transform market research into strategic product portfolios, develop marketing plans, budgets and distribution strategies and adept at planning and executing local and international trade show exhibits, Robert adds value through his skills.

Robert has a broad range of management and leadership experience. In leading creative people this includes developing engineering design teams, work methodologies and the engineering design development environment. In IP management this covers Corporate Knowledge Systems, IP Strategy, Technical Due-Diligence and valuations for technology licensing agreements. In general management this covers merger and acquisition targeting. He has had extensive involvement in the creation and deployment of business systems with respect to product development and volume manufacturing based operations, with the ability to develop and deploy management systems within an organisation addressing business rules.