innovation leadership

project management

technology commercialisation

intellectual property

design development

Inceptu provides services assisting in the commercialisation of new and existing technologies. In this context 'Commercialisation' could mean anything from taking a new product concept to market through to the licensing of a clever idea.

Innovation Leadership is necessary where organisations require assistance in making cultural changes. Such changes are sometimes necessary where new product, technology or market directions are inconsistent with old practices.

Project Management is the undeniable enabler for any organisation undertaking any new or complex endeavour. Project management frames the planning, control and visibility necessary for successful projects.

Intellectual Property, its understanding and management, has become a vital part in leveraging the organisation's 'cleverness'. The protection of valuable ideas, the licensing of enabling technologies and the overall handling of an organisation's 'knowledge' have all become crucial elements in the successful commercialisation of new products, ideas and technologies.

Design Development might mean anything from a strategic research development program to ad-hoc prototypes in the lab. Markets have become used to products and technologies which deliver value in ever decreasing 'time-to-market' cycles. Formal systems for managing product research, design and development along with the required cultural disciplines give the best opportunity to get to the market what customers want, when they want it.

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