what is vision? The vision of Inceptu is ...

'to be the agent of choice in transforming creative ideas into commercial success'


what is mission? Inceptu's mission is ...

Inceptu understands that innovation and creativity are crucial for the growth and success of any technology-oriented business. Smart organisations know that innovation and creativity must be inspired, nurtured and managed with the same commitment as all other aspects of their business.

Inceptu serves its partners by being a catalyst of change, transforming latent creativity into real outcomes and commercial successes. Through hands-on participation we nurture the belief and commitment in new projects. Through passion and intensity we inspire others to achieve beyond old boundaries. As agents of innovation-culture change, Inceptu makes a vital contribution to our partners' growth and success.


what are values? Inceptu's values are ...

To be passionate, enthusiastic and inspirational.

To work with honesty and integrity and to never knowingly compromise others.

To honour the confidentiality of intellectual and commercial knowledge.

To respect the differing styles, needs and objectives of others.

To value people, relationships, trust and loyalty.

To delight by always giving more than is expected.