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TIA is the peak body in South Australia representing the $7.5 billion electronics, digital technology, telecommunications and ICT industry. TIA is a non-profit, member based organisation that delivers tailored networking events, professional development courses, business advice and lobbying opportunities. (top of page)



ARID is an award winning professional design consultancy providing world quality design services. Equipped with state of the art facilities and fully qualified designers that offer a diverse range of skills and talents to suite any clients requirements. (top of page)



Experience Matters is a firm of business advisers that helps its clients improve the management of their information and knowledge in order to drive value and sustainability of their businesses. We define the organisation’s functions and critical activities and identify the information and knowledge that is vital to supporting those critical activities. Information initiatives can then be aligned with corporate strategy, justified through business cases, properly planned, governed, resourced, managed and delivered and benefits to the organisation can be measured and realised. (top of page)



QMI Solutions is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping industry on the journey to manufacturing excellence through research, education, and implementation of world class practices and technologies. Recognised as Australia's premier 'technology diffusion agency', QMI Solutions has been improving the uptake of the latest practices and technologies by industry since 1993. (top of page)



The Product Development Institute is dedicated to helping companies improve their approach to new product development and portfolio management.

With over fifty years of research and consulting experience combined, Drs. Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett are globally recognized as leaders in the areas of new product development and portfolio management. (top of page)



The Volante Group Limited encompasses the following business groups: Affinity IT Recruitment, Global Remarketing, Ipex, Volante Solutions, and Volante Systems.
Customer service, growth and development is the main aim of all the Volante businesses. (top of page)



ECIC. Recognised as one of the leading universities in the Asia-Pacific region, The University of Adelaide is home to the prestigious Education Centre for Innovation and Commercialisation (ECIC).

The ECIC mission is to deliver capability in innovation and the commercialisation of knowledge, research and technology, and the management of projects, to key research institutions, industry and individuals. (top of page)



Playford Capital is South Australia's leading technology investor,
specialising in early stage technology businesses with high growth potential. (top of page)



The Department of Trade and Economic Development (DTED) is the South Australian Government’s key agency for economic and industry development policy. (top of page)



The de Bono Institute is dedicated to maximising thinking potential. It aims to inspire brave and creative ideas, helping people to think their way to a better future, through innovation, creativity and design. (top of page)



The Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (AEEMA) is the leading industry body representing Australia's information and communication technology (ICT), electronics and electrical manufacturing industries. AEEMA members supply infrastructure, products and manufacturing-related services to Australian and world markets. (top of page)



Tytronics designs and manufactures quality electronic components and products for clients in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. (top of page)



The Venture Capital Board (VCB) aims to develop a strong Private Equity industry in South Australia that will positively influence innovation and development in the local business sectors.

The Venture Capital Board has a mandate to increase private equity activity in South Australia through a range of education, networking and commercialisation initiatives in the private equity 'space', some delivered in conjunction with other Government agencies. (top of page)



The National Innovation Council has developed this website to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of innovation and entrepreneurship for young Australians and small to medium enterprises. (top of page)



Killer Innovation Phil McKinney is an executive at a leading high tech company who travels extensively (+250K miles per year), has the opportunity to see new technologies, visits the top research labs and meet with industry leaders. This podcast and weblog site are his observations, thoughts and insights on trends, ideas, creativity and innovation.(top of page)



IP Access has been designed and marketed as Australia's premier web-site dealing with IP. It offers an integrated access point for information relating to all forms of IP, as well as having the long term goal of being a site that enables future resources and innovative initiatives to be added.

Initially IP Access is to serve the the needs of Australian small to medium sized enterprises but it is anticipated that it will evolve into a site that meets the needs of many other IP users. (top of page)



Hunt & Hunt structure ourselves into key groups. We operate in three key legal areas being Corporate, Insurance and Property across a range of industry sectors. (top of page)